Minutes: Sept. 16, 2018

The meeting was held at Silver Creek Saloon in Belleville

In attendance: Andy Glauber, Emmett Ladd, Joann Ladd, Tim Werner, Augie Werner, Barb Maue, Mike Dean, George Davis, Mike Cook, and Wayne Wilhelm

Wayne Wilhelm called the meeting to order at 1:13 pm.

Barb Maue read the minutes from the Aug. 19th meeting.

In the absence of Alice Laney, Wayne Wilhelm read the Treasurer’s report. The balance as of Sept. 16th is $1,958.14.

Augie Werner reported on assigning. He has had a few officials turn their matches back and is hoping that this does not become a problem. Luckily, he has been able to fill these vacancies.

Once again, the members’ lack of interest in attending meetings was brought up. Members were reminded that according to the association bylaws, each member must attend at least 2 meetings a year.

Wayne reminded members to look at their information on the SIVOA website. If anything is incorrect, please let Jim Gallatin know.

Barb reported that the clinic went very well. We had 34 officials in attendance. Thank you to Jim Rudy who did a presentation on Professionalism.

Several questions from the 2018 Part 1 exam were discussed. It was noted that some of these questions were confusing, and that the wording needs to have more clarity. It was brought up that the IHSA has eliminated the maximum number of sets/matches a player can take part in, in one season. Now there is no limit.

Barb will contact the officials who wished to be mentored. The hope is to get mentors out to their games during the junior high season.

A short discussion was held to clarify information on giving numbers for players who touch the net. Officials were reminded that the digits from 0-5 are given using the hand on the offending team’s side of the net. Also, even though the number 10 is given with one hand, you should still use the right hand to give that signal; just make sure you are on the offending team’s side of the net.

Officials reported that both Metro East Lutheran and Civic Memorial may have illegal uniforms. Officials were reminded to penalize if necessary. Don’t just look the other way. Also, the IHSA must be notified of any illegal uniform issues.

Augie Werner did a presentation on tracking players, and why officials need to track. Some key points included:

In a later discussion, the topic of the R2’s position during an angled hit back into the court was discussed. If there are players chasing a ball off the court on the R2’s side of the net, the R2 should step up close to the standard and look up toward the antenna to view whether the ball is inside or outside the antenna.

The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 14th at 1:00 pm. Due to a scheduling conflict at Silver Creek Saloon, Wayne will check around for a different venue, and let the members know.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:35 pm.