Minutes: September 10, 2017

The meeting was held at Metro East Lutheran High School.

In attendance: Jeff Toenjes, Wayne Wilhelm, Alicia Rose, Jack De Vilder, Andy Glauber, Jim Gallatin, Augie Werner, Tim Werner, Howard Bell, Chuck Rathert, and Emmit Pratt

President Jeff Toenjes called the meeting to order at 1:09 PM.

In the absence of Barb Maue, Wayne Wilhelm read the minutes from the August 13, 2017 meeting.  Minutes approved.

In the absence of Alice Laney, Jeff Toenjes read the treasurer's report. The balance as of September 10 is $2,072.08.  Treasurer's report approved.

Since no alternative venue suggestions for future SIVOA meetings offered, Jeff will reserve Silver Creek Saloon for October 15, November 15, and the April 8, 2018 meeting.

After discussion, a change to SIVOA by-laws is not required to account for using an assignor.  The assignors who were contacted do not assign only association members; therefore, there is no need to include assigning in any association’s bylaws. An assignor acts as a contractor, not a member. SIVOA recommends offering benefit/incentive to assignor.

Jeff mentioned Mike Mickelson requested a waiver for 2017-18 due to health reasons. The group agreed to waive his dues, since he has been an active SIVOA member in past years. Chuck Rathert circulated a card for Mike to support him during his battle with cancer.

Jeff reminded everyone that the IHSA rules exam deadline is September 12, 2017. He also asked about any specific questions that were confusing or needed discussion.

The IHSA Officials Center recently posted an updated Top 15 list. Jeff briefly discussed the ranking’s process.

Wayne and Chuck discussed recent situation at Althoff Catholic High School. Greg Lieb inquired about payment for FR/JV/V matches. ACHS paid $100. More discussion ensued from those in attendance as to proper compensation.

Jeff referred to Rule 5-5-3b. R2 actions during timeout and intermission. Augie Werner cited 2017 Preseason Guide. Augie instructed when/how to use whistle and horn. He also encouraged officials to use warning whistle during timed warm-up periods even though not required.

Andy Glauber asked for clarification about vertical backboards and heights above court.  The rule book states that if certain criteria exists, there can be a replay on a vertical backboard; however, a situation in the case book (P.8 – Out of bounds – 2.3.1 Situation C) states that the correct call on the vertical backboards mentioned would be out of bounds. The IHSA will be contacted for clarification on this.

Augie provided educational session. 

* R1 does not mimic/repeat R2 signal, only signal point and player number if appropriate.

* 3 situations when it is legal for defense to penetrate the net

1. after third contact by offense

2. if no player attempts to play ball or is in the vicinity to play the ball

3. if 1st or 2nd contact directed ball as an attack

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 PM.