Minutes: November 20, 2019

The meeting was held at Silver Creek Saloon and Grill

In attendance: Wayne Wilhelm, Kelley Rhines, Jim Gallatin, Diahann Gagen, Tim Werner, Barb Maue, Andy Glauber, Chuck Rathert, Augie Werner, and Josh Konkel

Barb Maue read the minutes from the Oct. 13, 2019 meeting.

A correction was made to these minutes. The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm, not 3:55 pm.

In the absence of Alice, Wayne read the treasurer’s report. The balance as of 11/20/19 is $1,829.19.

Augie Werner reported that he had received Metro East Lutheran’s schedule and will be scheduling officials. He has yet to receive Althoff’s schedule.

It was reported that Collinsville High School will be starting a JV team for the upcoming boys’ season. Both Marquette and Fr. McGivney will have JV and Varsity squads. Marquette only had a JV team last season. Augie also mentioned that he was not sure whether EStL will have a team for the upcoming boys’ season.

Augie mentioned that it would be very helpful for him to have the members’ availability throughout the season. That way if he has a last-minute request for an official, he would be able to see who might be available on that particular night. Jim Gallatin would be willing to enter members’ availability on the website. All the member would have to do is get their available dates to Jim.  Once dates are filled they can be removed by contacting Jim.

Discussion again turned to using an online scheduling service such as Arbiter. Given the few schools that Augie presently schedules, and the cost of using a service such as Arbiter, members wondered if it was worth the money. Further discussion on this should be revisited in the future.

Officials are asked to send Jim Gallatin the dates they are available for the 2020 season – August through May. It is important for members to update their availability if they have dates that open up or fill a date that was originally open on their calendar. This is a must if Augie is to use this resource to book officials. Wayne will send an email to members asking them to send that information to Jim.

Barb Maue reported that there will not be a Level 1 clinic in the area this winter. It was originally planned for the SIVOA to sponsor a separate clinic for the Level 1 officials, but having enough officials attend to make it worth the effort was a concern. Level 1 participants were disappointed last summer that they did not get more court time. Barb will work to possibly separate the Level 1 entirely from the Level 2 clinic this summer.

It was mentioned that Red Bud High School might be willing to host our SIVOA clinic this summer. Barb will reach out to Red Bud on this topic. Members discussed what day of the week we would want to hold our clinic. Members agreed to stay with having it on a Sunday. There are many people who either work or officiate on Saturdays, so Sunday might be the only day they can attend.

Jim Gallatin showed the members a chart of the location of all the officials belonging to the SIVOA. Moving the meetings to different locations was discussed. It was agreed that if someone wants to find a different meeting venue, they should bring it to the association’s attention, and it could be arranged.

The next meeting will be on April 19, 2020 at Silver Creek starting at 1 pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.