Minutes: August 19, 2018

The meeting was held at Okawville High School.

In attendance: Jeff Toenjes, Andy Glauber, Diahann Gagen, Alice Laney, Bob Wilson, Darryl Cherry, Phil Bolton, Emmett Ladd, Joann Ladd, Leonard Veazie, Larrie Wiggand, Shannon Alley, Kevin Flock, Tim Werner, Katie Kosten, Chuck Rathert, Alicia Bolin, Augie Werner, Barb Maue, and Jim Gallatin

In the absence of President Wayne Wilhelm, Jeff Toenjes called the meeting to order at 4:35 PM.

Since this is the first association meeting of the new school year, members were asked to introduce themselves.

Barb Maue read the minutes from the April 8, 2018 meeting.

Alice Laney read the treasurer’s report. The balance as of Aug. 19th is $1,668.72.

Augie Werner gave his assigner’s report. He has assigned officials to one-half of the Metro East Lutheran’s fall contests. The other half was assigned by the coach. He has also assigned the Althoff girls’ season. He will be assigning their boys’ matches, but has yet to receive that schedule. No other schools have shown an interest in having the SIVOA assign officials. Alice Laney suggested contacting the schools again with a letter reminding them of this service. Augie will send out an email. Members discussed the assigning fees. Each fee could be different depending on how many matches and/or if tourneys are assigned.

Jim Gallatin mentioned that he has updated A.D., coach, and member information on the website. To get the assigning information out, Alice suggested that the contact information be put on the website, and Katie Kosten also suggested that if officials give out business cards to schools, add the assigning service to your card. Augie mentioned that with the number of officials that we have in the association, the SIVOA could probably assign 2 more schools.

The SIVOA has added 8-10 new members. Also, there are some existing members who have not renewed. Remember, new officials get their first year of SIVOA membership free. This is available for 2 new members per year.

Mentoring was discussed. Members who wish to be mentored should contact the SIVOA. They are also encouraged to get out and watch matches where veteran officials are working.

Jeff Toenjes gave a report on the officials’ conference that was held in Peoria on July 21-22. Here are some of the topics that were discussed at the delegates meeting:

Members discussed the possibility of using grant money for mentoring. Several new members want to be mentored. To get grant money for this purpose, the SIVOA would have to pay up front for any expense to pay mentors. If approved, the IHSA would pay once the proper paperwork is submitted. Things that need to be considered:

Alice will send Barb Maue the names of those who requested mentoring, and she will contact them.

Nominations for Officials of the Year are due to the IHSA by Sept. 1.

Upcoming meetings:

9/16 – 1:00 pm – Silver Creek Saloon

10/14 – 1:00 pm – Silver Creek Saloon

11/14 – 6:00 pm – Silver Creek Saloon

4/7 – 1:00 pm – Silver Creek Saloon

It was agreed to donate $100 to the Okawville Volleyball Team for the use of their facility and team.

Possible educational topics were discussed. They are: showing numbers, alignment, and tracking players.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:35.