MINUTES: August 13, 2017

The meeting was held at Okawville High School.

In attendance: Jeff Toenjes, Augie Werner, Jim Gallatin, Wayne Willhelm, Barb Maue, George Davis, Mike Dean, Alicia Rose, Bailey McGuire, Alice Laney, Lisa Kowalski, Tim Werner, Tyler Klaus, Tim Hogan, Jason Unverzagt, Katie Kosten, Chuck Rathert, Dennis Grah, Kevin Flock, and Rebecca Boeschen

President Jeff Toenjes called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Barb Maue read the minutes from the April 9, 2017 meeting. A correction will be made on the time of the SIVOA clinic. It was in the minutes as 12:30-4:30, when it should have been 12:00-4:00.

Alice Laney read the treasurer’s report. She mentioned that the bank has begun to charge $5.00 per month for a paper copy of the statement. Alice will sign-up for electronic statements in the future. The balance as of August 13 is $1845.42.

Jeff informed those in attendance that the membership list needs to be updated. Jeff and Jim Gallatin will work on that, so the online list is accurate.

If anyone would like to nominate an SIVOA member for Official of the Year, contact Jeff. Nominations need to be sent to the IHSA by Sept. 1.

Augie Werner reported on the assigning process. None of the Mississippi Valley schools have shown interest in having their volleyball officials assigned. He will follow-up with the schools that had initially shown interest and see if any of them are still interested. Althoff is the only high school that is being assigned, but Highland Middle School has contacted Augie concerning assigning for them.

Membership discussed the future of assigning. Many of the coaches would like us to assign, but since the A.D.’s are not on board, the coaches do not have the power to make that decision. If a couple of schools would commit to having the association assign for them, more schools would follow. It might be a good idea to start with middle schools.

New Athens, Columbia, Nashville, and Edwardsville have new athletic directors. Jim Gallatin asked if it would be helpful to list the coaches on the website. It was decided that that would be helpful.

The SIVOA by-laws need to be updated. The top 15 list is no longer a part of an association’s requirements, and we need wording in the by-laws concerning assigning. Jeff and Barb Maue will check to see if they can get some information from other associations

Future meetings were scheduled. They are:

Sept. 10 – Metro East Lutheran High School – 1 pm

Oct 15 – TBA – 1 pm

Nov. 15 – TBA – 6 pm

April 8, 2018 – TBA – 1 pm

Jeff suggested that we hold our meetings at Silver Creek Saloon and Grill in Belleville unless someone is able to secure another venue.

Wayne Wilhelm was our representative to the delegate meeting at the Officials’ Conference in Peoria on July 22. He was asked to report to the members. His report included:

Officials are asked to refresh your officiating, by making a positive change as you go into a new season.

The IHSA is losing officials. There are not many new officials. Recruiting should be a part of any and all associations’ plans.

Mentoring should be another part of an association’s structure.

The IHSA will be forcing coaches/assignors to refresh their top 15 lists. It seems that they simply send the same one every year, and some of the officials on the list are no longer officiating.

The IHSA would like all officials to place a picture on their site on the IHSA website. This enables the coaches to put a face to a name when they are rating officials.

It was suggested that officials use pre-printed stickers with their official number on it. This will make it easier for a coach to rate.

Officials should make sure that they update their availability online.

Wayne also talked about the educational sessions at the conference. These sessions are presented by officials from around the state, and they give attendees the opportunity to learn from a different perspective.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:04 pm.