The Goals of the Southern Illinois Volleyball Officials Association, hereafter the SIVOA, are as follows:

1.      To improve volleyball officiating in our area and consistency amongst officials.
2.      To gain a better understanding and interpretation of volleyball rules and situations
3.      To become a single unit in discussing matters with the Illinois High School Association office.
4.      To assist area athletic directors in finding competent volleyball officials.
5.      To recruit new officials and to observe and improve new and existing members.
6.      To provide feedback to athletic directors about coaches and teams.




Membership requirements of the SIVOA shall be:
1. Each member shall be a licensed volleyball official with the IHSA
2. Each member shall have paid annual membership dues to SIVOA

3. Each member shall attend at a minimum 2 of the 6 yearly meetings.

Adhering to the above criteria will be necessary in order to be a member in Good Standing.

The officers of the SIVOA shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers will make up the Executive Board.

The officers shall be nominated at the October meeting and elected at the November meeting utilizing an anonymous ballot system and will assume duties following the November meeting.

All officers shall serve a 2-year term.  At the end of that term, the Vice President shall assume the duties of, and become the President.

When the current President retires and the Vice President becomes President, a new Vice President shall be elected.

All members of the SIVOA shall be eligible for nomination and election as an officer as long as they are in good standing and have attended at least two of all regular meetings of the association in the twelve (12) month period prior to the date of nomination.

The location of meetings will be announced through mailings and the website prior to the meeting date.

The website shall include but not be limited to: 
1.       A roster of current members including contact information
2.       A copy of the association membership application
3.       A listing of the association meeting times and locations
4.       A copy of the minutes from the previous meeting
5.       Educational materials, forms and mentor evaluations available to the membership

The website manager is exempt from SIVOA membership dues during the year of services provided.



The President shall be held responsible for the enforcement of the SIVOA By-Laws.
The President shall recruit all committee members.
The President shall preside over all meetings.

The Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties. In the absence of the President s/he shall perform the President's duties.

The Secretary shall record all business at each of the regular meetings and executive meetings.
The Secretary shall keep attendance records of all its members at the regular meetings.
The Secretary shall maintain and record all correspondence to the SIVOA.


The Treasurer shall record transactions that involve the SIVOA and maintain its financial records.
The Treasurer shall submit financial records for a semi-annual audit.

The Treasurer will reimburse all expenditures in the name of SIVOA upon submittal of proper receipt. 

The Executive Board will meet as needed and all such meetings will be reported at the next regular meeting.
The Executive Board shall be responsible for handling all disciplinary matters of members, i.e. complaints from coaches/administrators and by-laws violations.

The Executive Board is responsible for initiating and distributing sportsmanship awards.



The Executive Board shall govern the dates for the regular meetings.
A quorum shall consist of 20% of the current membership.
Regular meetings shall adjourn 2 hours after the starting time unless extended by two-thirds (2/3) majority of members present.
Regular meetings will be scheduled as follows:
August--second Sunday of the month
September--fourth Sunday of the month
October --second or third Sunday of the month

November—Wednesday following the IHSA State Series tournament

April—second Sunday of the month

The President may call regular meetings as needed upon notification to the membership.

All meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.


All amendments to the SIVOA By-Laws proposed by any member shall be submitted and read at any regular meeting and be voted upon at the next regular meeting. If two-thirds (2/3) of the members at such meeting vote in favor of the amendments proposed, such amendments shall be in force and effective upon the date approved by the President.

These By-Laws and working rules shall be in force and effective upon the date approved by the SIVOA and shall supersede all previous laws enacted or adopted.


The Association Fiscal Year will run from July 1 to June 30.

Membership renewal will coincide with IHSA license renewal and will run from May 1st to June 30th

The revenues of SIVOA shall be derived from yearly dues, assessment of members, and all social functions sponsored by the Association to which an admission fee is charged and collections for whatever purpose taken in the name of the Association.

Membership dues shall be $35 dollars per year for each member. Membership dues are due by July 1st. A late fee of ten $15 shall be assessed for renewing members who submit their dues payment after July 1st.  All members must submit an application renewal form each year.

Changes in the dues amount will be at the discretion of the executive board.



When members of the association are aware of the death of a current association member or that member’s immediate family, they should contact one of the members of the executive board and make them aware of this death.

For the purposes of this association, immediate family will be defined as the association member, the member’s parents, spouses, siblings and children.

When the executive board is aware of one of the deaths, a card of condolence will be sent on behalf of the SIVOA. In the event that a mailing address cannot be located, a condolence note will be left on behalf of the association on the funeral home’s website.

In lieu of flowers or donation for each of these occurrences, the association will make a contribution each year to a charitable organization when association finances are available.  The executive board will make this determination.  Association members can submit possible organizations to donate to and the executive board will decide on these submissions.



Members shall adhere to the policies mandated in the IHSA Sports Official Handbook.

The Association shall implement an Observer program.  The purpose of this program shall be to improve the skills and abilities of the membership and to improve officiating in Illinois.  The program will be designed to provide constructive criticism and guidance to its member and to provide input to clinicians on points of emphasis that may need to be addressed in future clinics.

Observers will be required to be a Certified Official with at least 10 years of service or a Certified Official who has become a clinician with the IHSA.  Observer must also be in good standing with the association and have attended a current rules meeting and clinic.

Officials with less than 10 years experience will be required to be observed once every other year. Officials with 10 or more years experience will be required to be observed once every three years.

The official being observed will pay the observer a stipend of $10 to offset expenses incurred to come and observe that official.

The observer and official being observed will coordinate as to when the official will be observed.

Once the official has been observed, the name of the official and the date of the observation will be sent to the association secretary in order to keep records of the observations.  Any points of emphasis or repeated concerns will be passed along to clinicians in the association to possibly have addressed in future clinics.

As this program is intended to especially help new officials and many of these officials may not yet be working high school matches, these observations can take place at junior high, or any level high school match.

The observer shall fill out an evaluation form, which shall be discussed and given to the official being observed. The observing official shall evaluate in various areas including:  Uniform and Appearance, Attitude and Professionalism, Rules Knowledge, Game Management, Mechanics, and an Overall Evaluation.

(Updated 11/2017)